Tips to Get More Client Referrals

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As a real estate agent, you need clients to have a successful business. Without them, you don't have any homes to sell or people to sell homes to. You need to make sure that you have as many clients as you can handle to be as successful as possible.

You need to be constantly marketing yourself so that you can get more clients. However, the best way to get new clients is through referrals.

Though you would think that people would just refer you, the truth is that most people don't always think of doing that. There are ways to get more client referrals and here are some tips to do so.

Give them the best customer service so that they want to refer you and your business. The key to getting referrals is being as helpful as possible. Your customer service skills need to be excellent so that they will have gladly bring your name up any time that someone is looking to buy or sell their home.

Make sure that everyone in the office is on board. Everyone, from your receptionist to the other agents that you work with, needs to be on board. They have to decide to give your clients the best experience, every time that they walk in the door (as well as any time that you communicate with them)!

Give them the things that they need to refer you. In order to refer friends and family, your clients need your information. Make sure that you have plenty of business cards and pamphlets available that they can hand out.

Beware of reputation risk. Even your most satisfied clients may struggle to refer you. No matter how happy they are with you, they may fear that their friends and family may not be completely satisfied with you and your services, making them look bad.

You are going to have to make sure that your clients are put at ease and find ways to convince them that they won't risk their reputation, even if they refer their friends and family.

Don't forget about social media. People are most likely to refer people and businesses who are active on social media. For this reason, you should have a business profile and make sure that you are active on at least one or two sites.

Social media feels personal so, if you are helpful to your clients online, they will trust you and feel like they know you. All of these are good reasons why they will refer you and your business.

Offer incentives. It is a smart business idea to reward those who refer you and your business. This will ensure that your clients will continue to refer you for years to come! Though you can't give out discounts as a real estate agent, you can hand out gift cards and other small things as tokens of your appreciation. It is the little things that are appreciated by your clients.

The very best way to get your clients to refer you and your business to others is by providing high customer service. Every time that you (or someone in your office) talks to them on the phone or they walk in, it is important that you treat them well. You need to make sure that they are completely satisfied with your services so that they want to refer you and your business. 

Another great way is to offer incentives. People really appreciate the little things so if you offer them a gift card every time that they send someone your way, they will continue to do so!

In order to make your referral program successful, it is important that your clients have the tools that they need. You should always have business cards and pamphlets available for them so that they can pass them out (and the word out about you)!

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