Referral Only Real Estate Brokerage

Referral Only Real Estate Brokerage

No Realtor, No MLS, & No E&O Fees - EVER!


Park Your
Real Estate License

Why Join LicensePark?

  • Never any Realtor, MLS or E&O Fees

  • Keep Your Real Estate License Active

  • Keep Earning Commissions

  • Earn Commission on Your Personal Transactions

  • Perfect for Retiring and Newly Licensed Agents and Those Seeking a Temporary Break

Only Real Estate

LicensePark Real Estate allows you to keep your hard earned California real estate license active without having to pay any Realtor board, MLS or E&O fees. As a result, you will be limited to only performing real estate referral functions such as referring family, past customers and friends to full time Realtors who will share the final commission with you. You avoid the headache of handling the transaction, avoid the risk of lawsuit, AND you still get to collect some commission.


How License Parking



"It’s Like a Relaxing Park for Your Real Estate License”


Ready to
Park & Refer?


Who is
Designed For?

LicensePark Real Estate is designed exclusively for California real estate agents who no longer plan to be active in the real estate field, but do not want to lose the real estate license they worked so hard to obtain. As a referral only agent you will not be allowed to conduct any real estate activities aside from referring buyers and sellers to our brokerage. As a result, you will share in the commission earned on every referral you submit. So who exactly is LicensePark designed for?

  • Agents taking a temporary break from real estate

  • Agents who are changing careers

  • Agents who are moving to another state

  • Agents who aren’t ready to be active in real estate

  • Agents who are retiring from real estate

  • Agents who want to make money from their real estate license without having to take on any of the work or legal risk